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Agoura Karate provides over 30 years experience teaching hundreds of people just like you to be more confident, enjoy improved fitness and well-being.We offer classes for all ages 3 and up and FAMILY DISCOUNTS. Use the links above to learn more about us! Join us for a FREE CLASS! We offer a free introductory class to new students. Call or Text us at (818) 707-0332 or click on the "Contact Us" link to book your first free class. Martial Arts training has a profound effect on our lives,and we know it will for you too!


Master Conrad Ercolono
Agoura Karate
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"Agoura Karate is a self defense program dedicated to the traditions of Martial Arts while utilizing modern practices of sports science and character development. We bring good health and personal power to all of our students, our community and the world."